The  bar has been raised on what constitutes a feeding frenzy.

The Money series of lures feature tough durable plastic and incredible fish-catching action from top to bottom. The Money Minnow, Frog and Hound feature a laminated outer covering that contains and protects hand-painted graphics and red 3D eyes.

Money Craw™

  • Red Shad
  • < Black Neon/li>
  • Junebug/li>
  • Crawdad
  • Green Pumpkin
  • Watermelon Seed
  • Black Blue Shadow
  • Big O Craw™
  • Cooter Brown
  • Bama Bug
  • Bama Magic
  • Ultimate Craw
  • Virgo Blue
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Swimmingly supple like the YUM Money Minnow, the Money Craw combines the action of a swimbait with the enticing profile of a crawfish. This ultra-natural crawfish comes to life in the water. For tournament anglers, the YUM Money Craw is like money in the bank!

Money Craw comes in 2.75", 3.75", & 4.75" Sizes.

Money Frog™

  • Dart Frog Dart Frog™
  • Gizmo™
  • Skippy™
  • El Jefé™
  • Yella Belly™
  • Iggy™
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Using tremendous water displacement “paddles” like the Money Craw, the Money Frog pushes water like nobody’s business, and attracts bass from long distance. It can be worked like a buzzbait over weeds and cover, waked to produce a huge bulge, swam and killed, as a big trailer on a jig or a variety of other ways. Beautiful hand-painted color patterns and the belly slit that prompts sure hooksets, the Money Frog puts you in the money.

Money Frog comes in buzz-inducing 3.75" Size.

Money Hound™

  • Pooch™
  • Black Lab™
  • Bulldog™
  • Ol' Yella™
  • Hot Dog™
  • Foxy Dog™
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That’s right, a weedless topwater that walks the dog. Throw it in the slop. Throw it into heavy cover – at night! Throw it in the buck brush. Heck, throw it over dock cables, and it wags and zips back and forth like a happy puppy’s tail. The belly slit ensures positive hook-ups when rigged Texas style. High-flotation material and beautiful color patterns seal the deal.

Money Hound comes in 3.5", & 4.25" dog walking sizes.

Money Minnow™

  • Tilapia
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Pearl
  • Pearl Chartrwuse Back
  • Pearl Black Back
  • Herring
  • AYU
  • River Shad
  • Bluegill
  • Clown
  • Hitch
  • Hologram Shad
  • Tennessee Shad
  • Foxy Shad™
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This unique swimbait from YUM Bait Company is right on the money! With an ultra-realistic profile, natural swimming action and super-soft body, the YUM Money Minnow has proven itself irresistible to bass and other gamefish. A unique hook slot in the Money Minnow's belly allows for very efficient hooksets and at the same time facilitates straight rigging and true-running performance. The Money Minnow swims sweetly, even when reeled at a very slow speed, which can be the key to enticing strikes from heavyweight fish.

Money Minnow comes in 3.5", 5.0", & 6.5" sizes.

Money Minnow™ Weighted Hooks

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Balance is key to an effective swimbait.
Money Minnow Hooks provide that balance and help the Money Minnow run straight and true.

Money Minnow Weighted Hooks come in 6/0 & 7/0 sizes.

*Independent testing performed at Mississippi State University.