YUM Wooly Bug

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  • The YUM Wooly Bug creature bait fishing lure takes all of the best characteristics of flipping and pitching baits and combines them into one unbelievable fish-catching package for the big fish angler. Flip it into cover, shake it, hop it and get ready -- the Wooly Bug gets bit. The large, ribbed body displaces more water, the pincers add to the lifelike profile and the Beavertail provides the action bass haven't seen before. Combine all that with LPT, Live Prey Technology, and YUM has introduced another bass tournament winner.
    Bass Fishing Tips for the Wooly Bug: Fish it in cover. Fish it in grass. Fish it on gravel. Fish it in wood. Rig it Texas rig or on a jig. Just fish it. And get ready to be bit by the bug -- the YUM Wooly Bug bass fishing lure.

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