YUM Big Show Craw

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  • Designed largely for flippin' dense grass mats and bringing huge limits to the scales, this soft plastic bass fishing lure has been a favorite of many anglers over the years. Named after Terry "Big Show" Scroggins, it's one of the most supremely realistic soft plastic baits resembling a newly molted soft-shell crawfish or crawdad - a favorite food of smallmouth and largemouth bass and trout.

    The 3.5" Big Show Craw can be Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, fished weightless, put on a jig as a trailer or rigged on a jig head. With pinchers and legs that fold in tight, this bass fishing bait penetrates even the thickest stuff; however, the ribbed body has enough bulk to move water. Also, with its pinchers extended, the Big Show Craw looks like a serious meal for a hungry largemouth bass. Tie one on today and see more successful days on the water with the YUM Big Show Craw, one of the dependable line-up of YUM fishing lures.

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