YUM Doozee

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  • The YUM Doozee™ is a true best-of-both worlds lure that's great for everything from dragging for giant Great Lakes smallmouths to punching mats for heavyweight Florida bass. A superb bait for bass fishing, the YUM Doozee is the original soft plastic lure that started the oversized tube craze. Now soft tube lures are the most popular and most used bass lures in the industry. As the elite oversized tube in all of fishing, the YUM Doozee is designed with a solid head to hold hooks in place and laced with LPT, a natural shad enzyme fish attractant along with salt impregnation for even more fish attracting power.

    Durable and versatile, this new bass fishing bait from YUM is a Doozee. You'll use this fishing lure to your advantage again and again. Fish it like a worm, a crawfish or a swimbait. Twitch along just under the surface or use for trolling or casting. Rigged weedless, the YUM Doozee is the perfect bait for skipping under docks. It's also effective around steep or rocky banks, and very productive for smallmouth bass. YUM bass fishing lures are the best in the business – give the Doozee a try and you'll see why.

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