YUM Fat Money Minnow

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  • What do you get when you combine the alluring swimming action of a YUM Money Minnow with an extra thick baitfish profile? The YUM Fat Money Minnow. This productive swimbait comes with keel weights and perfectly matched hooks, allowing for straight rigging and a high strike-to-catch ratio. In fact, it's one of the easiest of all swimbaits to rig properly. Like the original Money Minnow, this swimbait is super soft with a hollow body section that allows the hook to set inside. This hook slot is perfectly centered, making it easy hook it up correctly, giving natural alignment for the lifelike swimming action of a shad and accurate casts.

    Engineered to get more fish hooked, these swimbaits outshine other fishing baits and soft plastic lures in so many ways. With dynamite color patterns, natural tail wag and lifelike finish, they're more than just plastic minnows; they're exceptionally effective fishing lures for landing trophy bass. The larger profile provides more visual for heavy cover and all of the different ways to rig it helps you reach the depths you need to catch your fish. And with a wide array of sizes, Fat Money Minnows are one of the most attractive and versatile swimbaits you'll find anywhere. Turn to YUM fishing baits any time you need a go-to lure to get big fish on the line.

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