YUM Houdini Crab

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    Virtually all game fish feed on crab or shrimp. And whether you're fishing for snapper, redfish or perch, the Houdini Crab™ realistically appears as one of their favorite crustaceans. Plus, with the infusion of LPT, this soft plastic bait is a true fish attractant containing biological and natural fish oils that will trigger fish to feed.

    Designed to be fished as a crab or as a shrimp, this is an excellent saltwater lure for working in channels and deeper areas with the outgoing tide. It's also the fishing bait you'll tie on for shallow water around structures or near grassy cover. The Houdini Crab provides terrific action when the reds are rooting around, or it can be easily transformed by removing the pinchers and legs to be fished as a shrimp when the speck bite is on. This versatile saltwater bait is sure to get fish biting, and has the attractive features that set YUM fishing baits apart.

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