YUM Houdini Shad

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  • Yum's soft plastic Houdini Shad is heads and tails above all other soft plastic jerkbaits because it simply has more tricks than the competition. The Houdini Shad stands out above all others because of its unique tail design which allows the bait to be fished four different ways with very little modification. The tail can be worked as a paddle for a slow fall, an open paddle for a fast fall, or a traditional V-tail which is ideal for highly pressured fish. The Houdini Shad can also be modified to act as a flapper tail and fished just under the surface to create a flitting shad presentation. The Houdini Shad is loaded with LPT and is designed to mimic an injured baitfish. The 9" version comes packed with a 9/0 XCalibur Saltwater Hook and is ideal for trout, stripers and redfish.

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