YUM Houdini Worm

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  • Slip, slide, wiggle and writhe. The 6" Houdini Worm will work like it's trying to get out of a straight jacket on every cast because of its subtle constitution and flat bottomed design. The Houdini Worm's flat bottom allows the worm to dart side to side or down with just a simple twitch of the rod tip. The bait naturally searches back and forth as it sinks or rises from the rod movement. This action is very lifelike and will fool even the most stubborn of fish, making it an ideal soft plastic selection for clear water situations. The Houdini Worm will be effective anytime of the year, but it will be particularly effective during the post-spawn when fish are hesitant to hit a topwater lure but are still looking for easy prey to rebuild their strength and weight. After all, even the best escape artists will ultimately meet a trap they can't escape. Especially good for bass fishing. Available in 14 colors.

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