YUM Money Minnow Weighted Hooks

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  • Unlike other fishing hooks, these Money Minnow Weighted Hooks have weights molded at the shank, allowing your swimbaits to be worked in deeper water and better stabilizes them for rapid retrieve in the shallows. This fishing tackle is designed specifically for the YUM Money Minnow, arguably the easiest of all swimbaits to rig properly because of a unique belly slot, which the hook fits inside.

    Choose the 3⁄0 weighted hooks for the 3.5" Money Minnow, the 6⁄0 hooks for your 5" & the 6⁄0 hooks for your 6.5" Money Minnow. These fishing hooks are used for one of the most popular weedless rigging techniques used by bass pros. So whether you're fishing for bass, stripers, trouth, walleyes or saltwater species, the Money Minnow Weighted Hooks are ideal for most lightweight soft plastic fishing lures like minnows, shad and other soft-bodied tackle. See our tips for Money Minnow Basic Rigging and get ready to set your hook.

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