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    YUM TroutKrilla® features our exclusive LPT (Live Prey Technology) formula with Krill in a floating trout attractant. Krill is a tiny shrimp-like crustacean that supercharges this specially formulated trout bait to start a feeding frenzy. As an important element in the food chain, krill is a major food source for predators that linger near the surface at night or in deeper waters during the day. When salmon or trout fishing, using this Krill-based attractant can dramatically affect your success.

    Available in paste or pellets, YUM TroutKrilla® brings the strong scent of natural forage, irresistible to trout and salmon. With the paste, you can mold your own fishing lure and customize into any tantalizing shape. Ready to string on any hook, the bite-sized pellets incorporate a unique high-floating formulation that keeps them off the bottom. Add a touch to your in-line spinners or soft plastics - the added buoyancy will make them appear like nymphs floating just off the bottom. This trout attractant is the perfect addition to your YUM fishing baits.

    Tested extensively in different parts of the country, YUM TroutKrilla® distinguishes itself as a proven trout lure with a flavor that trout can't resist.

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