About YUM Hand Balm

Unlike the YUM Attractant Spray formulas, YUM Hand Balm is not oily but more waxy in consistency so it doesn't loosen the grip of the fisherman. YUM Hand Balm's primary function is to mask and eliminate negative odors such as gasoline, cologne, smoke plus many more negative orders but mostly L-Serine, which is a very negative amino acid that is present in human skin oils. It also has fish oils for attracting purposes and also Vitamin E to help moisturize and seal the human skin oils and the negative L-serine. YUM Hand Balm also helps eliminate and mask all the negative scents that accumulate on cork rod handles since they act just like a sponges. Predator fish such as bass, walleye, crappie, etc. can sense parts per million of negative odors in water that can turn them away from a lure or just turn them off completely. YUM Hand Balm is especially essential to the fisherman that is using a flipping technique in which he grabs the bait frequently. A person can not wash away skin oils no matter how much or what you they wash there hands with because skin oils are constantly being produced and transferred to the line and lure which the fish can smell. YUM Hand Balm is like putting on an invisible glove so the YUM Attractant Spray formulas or the YUM Lures and more effectively attract fish into striking more and holding on longer.

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