Joe Dorr - Striper

Largemouth Turned Striper

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  • It was one really fun day. My friend and I went to Lake Ouachita, Arkansas on January 1st (2005) to do some largemouth fishing. That soon changed. We got into some schooling stripers and the fun started. We caught 7 stripers that weighed from 8 pounds to the biggest that weighed 34 lbs. 12 oz. I had a hold of one that I couldn't handle. After a 15 minute battle it got me hung up in a tree and broke me off. We figured it was a 40 + pounder. Not bad for a couple of old country boys that had never been striper fishing before. We caught every fish but the first one on a 4" Yum G Shad.
    ~ Joe Dorr, Arkansas

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