The Houdini Shad Strikes Again

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    C. Goodpaster
    February 27, 2024
    YUM Product:
    YUM Wooly Beavertails, YUM Shad Attractant
    Potoka Lake English, Indiana

    I am writing to let you know just how impressed that I am with your YUM Shad Attractant and Vibro Tubes and Beavertail jigs, the backbone of some of my best early crappie season fishing yet. My buddy and I fished the past weekend (February 27) in Potoka Lake in English, Indiana for early season prespawn crappie. We ended up catching 46 "slabs" all using YUM tubes and attractant. I used to fish other plastics, notice "used to" but after YUM out producing all other plastics in my arsenal, all i'll be fishing is YUM! My buddy and I are believers in the YUM attractant with LPT Technology. Every time we would start to loose action we would spray our jigs with YUM Shad and immediately we would start having hits again. I have never been a believer in spray attractants or for this matter the different attractants available. I can honestly say after this weekend, the YUM attractants used in your companies baits work!

    From now on when I go crappie and bass fishing (crappie especially) you can bet you livilyhood that YUM will be in this Hoosier anglers boat! My partners are going to get a good taste of why I am a firm believer in the products, i've hyped up other baits but none so impressing as yours. YUM just works! Thanks.

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