Little Things Do Count

YUM Hand Balm


There is one reason I am qualified more than most to write about a hand balm, and that's simply that I fish for salmon and trout. There is no other gamefish species I know of that possesses the insane olfactory sense that these fish do.

I remember one time in a tournament situation I was talking with the guy who had just taken first and asked him about the little details he was so finicky about. I wondered if it really made a difference and his response was, "When the fish want to bite, they're gonna bite, but when the fish don't want to bite, it's those little things that turn the trick."

I always remembered that advice and really took it to heart. YUM Hand Balm is one of those facets that would be easy to overlook. On the other hand, it really doesn't take that much effort to take care of that little detail either, does it?

I can tell you that it makes a difference. As a former smoker, I can tell you that it even made a difference on my stinky smoke stained hands when handling lures and bait. I urge you, if you want to stack all the cards in your favor, get in the habit of having all your boat partners using YUM Hand Balm on every trip.

Click Here to read what Hand Balm is and how it works.

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