YUM Quick Tips

Use Excalibur Tg Weights when fishing a YUM Shakin' Worm in super clear water because the smaller size of the Tg weight does not hinder the Shakin' Worm's action of fish appeal. If fish are extremely finicky try painting the Tg weights to match the color of the worm.

YUM Wooly Beaver

When flipping heavy grass try to use as large of a soft plastic bait as possible and spray the lure with Yum attractant. The larger bait displaces more water, while YUM's Live Prey Technology triggers the fish and helps lubricate the worm so it slides through the grass easier, helping the fish locate and strike the lure.

To be a successful angler, one must develop confidence in specific lures and patterns. Flipping a Yum 4" Rib Worm can pay high yields in difficult fishing situations. The Rib Worm has a large silhouette for a small bait. This makes the Rib Worm an appealing bait even for large bass. Ribbed segments, salt, and Live Prey Technology gives the angler a new edge for big bass.

Topwater fishing can be the most exciting way to catch a bass. Most often this is done with hard plastic baits like Rebel Pop-R's and Heddon Zara Spook's. A favorite soft plastic topwater application is to use a Yum 4" Wooly Curltail. A Texas Rig featuring an Excalibur Tx3 5/0 wide gap hook, 1/8 oz Excalibur Tg weight (Tg because it is tungsten, which is smaller than lead and it will come through cover better) and 20 lb. Silver Thread Excalibur Line make up your Yum topwater lure. The most important trick to this rig is to make sure the Yum soft plastic bait is rigged with the tail rigged down. Cast the topwater bait in and around weedy edges, pockets and holes. Keeping your rod tip high, swim the Wooly Curltail on the surface to make the tail buzz across the surface. This will result in explosive strikes.

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